Saturday, October 9, 2010


Lately I've been watching Judge Judy in the afternoons. It used to grate my nerves just listening to it for a few seconds before I could switch the channel or turn off the set but I decided that since it irritated me so, I should examine it closer. (I've been made aware that when things irritate us, those are the things we ought to put in front to look at, rather than avoid because that irritation holds clues to unresolved issues within us.)

So I have been watching the show. I think what irritated me was the judge's irritation and lack of patience but after looking at it closer, I see why she's irritated and short on patience. I'm amazed at the number of people that try their damnedest to avoid being accountable or responsible. Some are just so wound up and self centered that reasoning with them is out of the question. Others create their own "laws" without trying to learn or accept the established ones. But mostly, I think it's the amount of effort that these individuals make to AVOID owning up to their responsibility that is most infuriating to the judge. And she deals with it every day. Many times a day.

I've come to respect her. I've also watched other judge shows to compare. I think she is usually the most authentic and takes the least amount of crap AND offers the most sound judgments with the clearest and most balanced presentation. Others won't even hear the defendants. She listens to all sides without making snap judgments and then renders a sound and fair assessment.

In examining this irritation, I've learned a number of things about myself and others. Each encounter should be a clean slate. Each party is responsible for their own. And I've learned to respect my own inner judge. It's okay to judge when I'm doing it solely as a tool to measure what is good for me and not good for me, but not to judge what others should do for themselves. If we all just held ourselves accountable, if we all held ourselves up to a level of integrity that we'd be proud of, then others might take that example and see that we won't stand for less.

I am so frustrated with the political bashing on TV. We are being bombarded heavily with subliminal messages and childish finger pointing. I wish politicians would do grow up and act with integrity and accountability. But all too often they are trying their damnedest to get away with whatever they can too.

If we all understood that there isn't anything that we "get away with" because the ultimate judge never misses a thing we do, say or even just think!

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